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Friday, 5 September 2014

I’d Like A Word With You!

     It’s no wonder the Rook put to Number 6 his own test, Number 6 and his air of authority. Well I suppose he couldn’t have been expected to think of everything. Mind you he thought of everything else as part of that daring escape plan. Once Number 14 had shown Number 6 the way, he recruited his reliable men because no plan can succeed without knowing who you can rely on. Number 6 put the plan together, oversaw the taking of a surveillance camera. Its surprising that wasn’t actually picked up by an Observer via another camera. The stealing of a telephone from the telephone booth, and the taking of a screwdriver, together with a battery and electrical equipment from the trailer of the electric’s truck. That was an Ever Ready battery by the way, it said so on the cardboard box in the trailer. Well it stands to reason that something would be needed to power the radio transmitter. Oh yes, and the aerial broken off one of the taxis.
   Number 6 needed a group of reliable men. The Rook to construct the radio transmitter, and the rest were there in case of trouble. And there was trouble. The fight in the Bell Tower when they attacked the searchlight crew, and men were needed to make sure Number 2 didn’t take any action, like issuing an orange alert and releasing the Kraken! However I can’t help but think that Number 6 and the Rook might have done better on their own, just the two of them. They could have put to sea on the raft together under the cover of darkness, that way the Rook wouldn’t have had to put to Number 6 his own question, and there’d have been no accidental betrayal. Mind you the escape attempt may very well have ended in much the same way. What’s the odds on that?!
   As it happens this was the last time Number 6 attempted to escape The Village, until the advent of ‘Fall Out’ that is, either through no further opportunities, or the lack of ideas. After all there are only so many possibilities for escape, and I should imagine that most of them have been attempted long before Number 6 arrived in The Village. But then which Number 6 might that have been? Well surely we are not so naïve as to think that the current Number 6 is the first Number 6 are we? But then on the other hand I suppose there is no reason not to suppose that this Number 6 is the first. After all someone had to be.

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