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Friday 5 September 2014

Six Candles On The Cake!

    Number 6 returned to The Village, and was confronted by Mrs. Butterworth, now in the position of No.2, carrying a birthday cake. The cake has but 6 lighted candles upon it, so nothing to do with the fact that it was No.6's birthday then March 19th. Simply a celebration birthday cake for his many happy returns..... to The Village as Number 6.
   He took it rather well don't you think. When he found some woman he had never met before, happily living in what had once been, and technically was for the next six months, still his home. And then to be forcibly returned to The Village must have been bad enough, but there again is this woman, Mrs. Butterworth who turns out to be Number 2 with some smarmy look on her face! Number 6 took that even better. Had Number 2 been a man, he might have hit out. But being the gentleman that he is..... he took it all really very well. I'm not so sure I would have done. But Number 6 is also a practical man, and any such aggressive outburst would have availed him nothing.
   It astonishes me that the Prisoner arrives at his home in London on March 18th. He then leaves Mrs Butterworth and makes two calls, one in town, the other in the country, where he meets with the Colonel and Thorpe. There takes place a de-briefing as their ex-colleague makes his report on The Village, also a roll of film containing photographic evidence of The Village has had to be developed. So with the dice heavily loaded in the Prisoner’s favour, details of his report are checked out, this would have taken time to both organise the Police, and possibly Special Branch. A Naval Commander and RAF Group Captain is brought in to help calculate a search area for The Village. What’s more refuelling of the Gloster Meteor jet air craft has been arranged at RAF Gibraltar, which would also have taken time. Then there’s the flight time of the Meteor from an aerodrome in England to RAF Gibraltar in the Mediterranean to be taken into consideration, as well as the beginning of the actual search for The Village. And all this is supposed to take place in less than a day, depending of course at what time of day the Prisoner arrived at his home! But I forgot, this is ‘the Prisoner’ in which anything can happen. But perhaps more importantly, its television!

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