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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Village Observation

    I have sometimes thought that ‘Degree Absolute’ should be ‘Decree Absolute’, because at the end the one will be separated from the other and in this Decree Absolute does make more sense. However research has determined that by the use of the phrase “Degree Absolute” Number 2 and indeed Number 6, for he himself had knowledge of Degree Absolute, could both be purporting the “Nth Degree” meaning to take a person or situation to the very limits of endurance, the furthest extreme that anything can be taken, as with Number’s 6 and 2 in the Embryo Room, which would explain “Degree Absolute.”
        The Nth Degree is a term used when a problem is explored in extreme depth, using the algebraic term N
to express an unknown number of factors.
       The Nth Degree – Last or greatest in an indefinitely large series – to the Nth Degree.
      Relating to the unspecified ordinal number: ten to the Nth power.
Mind you I find that you can follow instructions to the Nth degree and still get it wrong!

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