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Friday, 9 May 2014

60 second Interrogation!

   Voice of No.2 "Who are you?"
   No.6 "You know who I am. I am Number Six."
   "Where did you come from?"
   "You know that too."
   "How did you get here?"
   "You know that better than I do, I was unconscious at the time if you remember."
   "What was your purpose in coming here?"
   "I had none, I'll go away again if you like."
    Of course the interrogation continues to the point where he still insists that he is    
   Number Six, Six, Six, Six, Six, Six and to the point where it is said that "Science can be perverted!"
    Voice of No.6 "I'm inclined to believe in human instinct. I mean that if I were in his shoes I'd rather be convinced by a human being, than by a piece of machinery."
   Voice of No.2 "You have something in mind?"
   voice of No.6"Yes, get him to sing the old school song, that should fix him!"
   Voice of No.2 "Do you know the words to the old school song?"
   "What's that got to do with the price of fish?"
   Voice of No.2 "Nothing. Could you sing the old school song for us?"
   "You're having a laugh."
   Voice of No.2 "On the contrary."
   Voice of No.6 "We are the boys who are strong and tough. We are the boys who know our stuff, up the old Narkovians hip, hip, hip hooray."
   Voice of No.2 "I thought you knew what you were doing. Didn't you know he didn't go to Southminster, but Narkover school!


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