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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Caught On Camera!

    Or Not, As The Case May Be!
   During the parade of Cobb's funeral cortège in ‘Arrival,’ the Mini-Moke with a black and white striped canopy which acts as The Village hearse, is effectively screened from the camera by the Brass Band. As the cortège passes the camera, all we see is the Brass Band, citizens acting as mourners, and the trailer containing the coffin. 

          Here is the hearse, seen on location in The Village {Portmeirion}, with a canopy of black and white stripes filmed while on location.
   And again during perhaps a rehearsal for the funeral cortège.

   I was simply wondering, why this hearse is not actually seen on camera in the scene in the episode? After all why go to all the trouble of having a different canopy produced for the Mini-Moke if it's not to be seen on camera? Ah, but it is, if only briefly, in the background as it passes by in a scene from 'The Schizoid Man!'
    Seen here on a back set of the MGM film Studios. It would seem that the canopy wasn't clipped down properly, being lifted by the wind like that.


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