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Saturday 13 December 2014

60 Second Interview with No.36

   No.113: “Martha isn't it?”
   No.36: “Look I'm trying to buy some sweets!”
   Stall holder: “Yeah, but her weeks credit allowance is all used up. I've told her to come back tomorrow.”
    “Yes, but I can't go a whole day without my sweets!”
    No.113 “Smile” {click goes the camera}
    “Got a sweet tooth have you Martha?”
    “Why do you keep calling me that?”
    “Because it's your name, and no fault of your own that your mistress Mrs. Butterworth dumped you here.”
    “I gave that woman the best years of my life!”
    “Still gnaws does it?”
    “Look if you don't mind........”
    “At least your previous profession has given you a purpose here.”
    “You mean I work as a maid! I tell you it gives me no great pleasure in having to make that Number Six his nightcap.”
    “You don't like Number Six?”
    “If my mistress had not become involved with that man.......”
    “You wouldn't be here now, is that it?”
    “Look, I can pay you tomorrow.”
    Stallholder: “What for?”
    “My bag of sweets!”
    Stallholder: “I’ve told you, come back tomorrow. Yes, what can I do for you?”
    “A bag of candy for the lady.”
    No.113: “You're a soft touch Number Six. “
    “I feel sorry for her, that's all. And these, a copy of the newspaper and a bar of soap.”
   We left Martha to suck and munch her way through her bag of sweets. And it occurred to me that not all her feistiness had been knocked out of her, in the way she persisted about her sweets.

Reporter No.113
Photograph by No.113b

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