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Saturday 6 December 2014

Collectors Corner

Stand Up the Prisoner!
   I understand, via The Unmutual website, that Larry Green Productions have produced, for the first time ever, a unique piece of merchandise relating to ‘the prisoner.’ A “life-size” cardboard cut-out, stand-up figure of the Prisoner-Number 6-Patrick McGoohan, which was produced through consultation between ITV Studios, and Joan McGoohan, Patrick’s widow.
   Number 6 stands at 6 feet 2 inches tall, and is extremely life-like. Larry Green has certainly carried out a first rate job with this reproduction. For those who wish to have their own Number 6 in their homes he can be purchased through ebay.
   Once upon a time I myself would have not thought twice about buying this piece of unique merchandise, as my home used to be decorated out with many pieces of merchandise relating to ‘the Prisoner’ on display. But time marches on, and attitudes change. Now the majortiy of my collection is in boxes which makes up my archive. Besides I’m not at all sure I could live with the Prisoner in my house. My wife tells me that she certainly couldn’t, so really that would be that. Even if I could, I would end up putting him in a corner of my study. Oh no, that would never do. I couldn’t write my Prisoner based blog with him looking over my shoulder!
So even if I were to buy the Prisoner-Number 6, he would most likely be packaged up, and put in my archive for ‘the Prisoner.’
   Perhaps in time, anyone who has purchased one of these excellent cardboard free-standing cut-outs, who reads this, might like to say what its like to live with the Prisoner in their home!
    For more details visit
    And ebay

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  1. Dear D6
    I have to admit that I am rather tempted to buy this – it would keep me company on lonely nights, and would also be useful to stand by windows to make it look like someone was in when I was out. And give the nosey neighbours something to gossip about, ha, ha!

    1. Dear Nadia,
      Number 6 himself could have used such a life-sized cut out of himself. He could have had it standing about his cottage in order to fool the Observers, while he was attempting an escape!

      Very kind regards