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Sunday 28 December 2014

Why Did ZM73 Resign?

    Why call the Prisoner ZM73? Because he wasn’t the Prisoner then, well not physically at least, nor was he called Number 6. He could be called John Drake just as much as he could be called Peter Smith, the one being a pseudonym, the other we do not hear used, so his code name will have to do. In The Village Number 2 wanted to know why Number 6 resigned. The Colonel wanted to know why he resigned. So why didn’t Sir Charles Portland want to know? ZM73 being Sir Charles’s potential son-in-law would surely want to know, so both officially and personally, he would want to know why he had chucked up his job. And then there was someone else who would want to know, after all she was engaged to ZM73, Janet Portland.
   The original script called for all unpleasant memories of The Village to be erased, his mind regressed to the day ZM73 was due to hand in his letter of resignation. But that doesn’t stop the event of ZM73 having handed in his letter of resignation. He might not remember doing it, but it had happened nonetheless. We’re talking brainwashing here, not time travel! So as far as Sir Charles Portland and his daughter Janet are concerned, ZM73 had still resigned a year earlier!

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