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Friday 12 December 2014

What We All Want Ultimately…To Escape!

    But like Number 6 to escape we need to know where we are escaping from, so that we can work out where we are escaping to! I suppose it’s like the saying, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. But it isn’t, not when you get there, if you get there. It’s just the same!
    Number 6 wanted to escape The Village, but he tried it on so few occasions. Yet that is hardly surprising when you think about it, there are so few ways to attempt escape. It can be assumed that they have all been tried in one form or another, and no-one ever succeeded. Although it could be argued that Professor Seltzman managed to escape, in the guise of the Colonel that is!
    Madam Professor once asked Number 2 what Number 6 wants? Number 2 told her what we all want ultimately, to escape! Perhaps there was no surveillance cameras in the Professor’s house, otherwise Number 2 would be more guarded about his words, as he once advised Number 12 to be, when speaking about the Professor.
   It is not completely known what happens to Number 2 after his or her term of office. It is known that Number 2 the 5th left The Village via helicopter, which he piloted himself. Although it might be presumed that he was making good his escape, as he might have been in possession of an Electro Pass. But then why the phone call to the new Number 2? No, Number 2 the 5th was certainly being allowed to leave The Village. While other Number 2’s might not have been so lucky, meaning those sub-divided Number 2’s who go to make up the Town Council.
   Even when Number 2 the 3rd had been allowed to leave The Village, he had been brought back for a second term! And Number 2 the 4th might very well have had two terms of office that ran consecutively. Although it would appear that it should have been ‘The General,’ and ‘A B and C’ rather then the other way around! So if that was the case, it might be that only two Number 2’s were ever allowed to leave The Village, only to be brought back. Number 2 the third, and a Number 2 who had been away from The Village on leave, only to be brought back just in time for his retirement! He had been handed the opportunity to escape by Number 6, but it would appear that when afforded that opportunity the retired Number 2 decided to return to The Village of his own volition. Well where could he have gone after escaping The Village? He said it himself “It doesn’t matter where I go, they’ll get me sooner or later.” So rather then spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder, this Number 2 decided that The Village was for life. Deciding to spend the rest of his life in quiet retirement in the Old People’s Home, and let The Village welfare take care of him!
Breathe in….Breathe out….Village is for life!

Be seeing you

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