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Wednesday 24 December 2014

Village Crisps!

   Well alright, not quite Village crisps, however they are numbered. And curiously like 'the Prisoner' there is no No.7, and No.2 has been exed out....perhaps he or she resigned!



  1. "Imported" it says on the bag, well then: imported from the Village? I can imagine a number of Village workers on a field nearby digging out potatoes, others washing and slicing, frying... Where would this happen?

    Anyway, Merry Christmas, David, and a peaceful and happy new year! . BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      I hope you had a good Christmas and Boxing days.

      Yes that's true, I had forgotten about the word "Imported," but then The Village exports will operate in every corner of the globe!
      I like your imagination regarding the Village workers and the production of the crisps. There must be a factory somewhere near The Village. Certainly there would have been a farm, seeing the cows in a field next to the hospital, so why not growing the potatoes!
      Just one more thing, don't forget No.6 was "Imported" to The Village!

      Very kind regards