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Saturday 27 December 2014

Many Happy Returns!

   The Girl who was Death said of Mister X that he was a born survivor. And a good demonstration of Number 6’s powers of survival is well demonstrated during his voyage of discovery in ‘Many happy Returns.’ Number6 does return to London, back to his home, having finally escaped The Village. He took it rather well that someone was now living in what was after all his home, seeing as the lease on No.1 Buckingham Place still had six months to run. And if that wasn’t enough, Mrs. Butterworth was now the owner of his Lotus 7!
   This episode could have been a series finale. ZM73 having accepted that someone else was now living in what was his house. He would have had to move out anyway when the lease was eventually up. As for his car, he would have to have taken that up with the estate agents Stumbell and Croydon, who really had no right to sell his car! But then again, who did ZM73 think had been looking after his car during his incarceration in The Village? KAR 120C would not have been allowed to be parked on that single yellow line outside his house indefinitely. Eventually the London Council would have taken action.

   So, ZM73 was homeless in London, and he had no transport, no money, he was a vagrant! But at least he was free of The Village! And yet he couldn’t let it alone, he wanted answers, and the only people he might get them from, were his ex-colleagues, and if not from there, then elsewhere. But Number 6 didn’t escape, he was always within the grasp of his captors. Number 6 will forever be a prisoner of who he is, and of what he once was.

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