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Monday 15 December 2014

Village Announcement

   “And here is a personal message for Number Six, it is from a hundred and thirteen. And it reads, warmest greetings on your birthday, may the sun shine on you today and everyday.”
    I asked Number 113 why he sent that personal message to Number 6. Number 113 told me that he hadn't written any such message! Well I know Number 113, and if he said he didn't write the message for Number 6, then he didn't write it! I told that to Number 2. I said, “Number one-one-three told me he didn't write this message to Number Six and I believe him.”
    “Of course he didn't write it you blithering idiot! Number one-one-three was an old woman in a wheelchair - she died a month ago!”
    “That would explain it then.”
    “Explain what?” 

    "Why we've read nothing in the Tally Ho from Number one-one-three recently!”
    “Oh get out, get out!”


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