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Monday 22 December 2014

Thought For The Day

  The Butler who invariably manages to be at the centre of things, assisting during the local elections. Handing out the prizes at the Exhibition of Arts and Crafts, and assisting the three judges at the Prisoner’s trial in ‘Dance of the Dead.’ Following the human chess match, and acting as the Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of Office during the ceremony of Appreciation Day, as well being close by in the background. He may have been in The Village a very long time, maybe he was always there. He certainly had enough time to learn about how The Village works, he knew about he Embryo Room because he’s the first one in it. But how he knew about the Scammell Highwayman transporter, that’s inexplicable! And while the former Number 6 sits upon the throne of honour, there stands the Butler by his side, the Butler being as close to Number 1 as anyone ever can be.

Be seeing you


  1. Hello David,
    I've just thought maybe the Butler can be seen as a part of ourselves just like Number 1 and Number 6. He might represent the informed, but silent, accepting and serving part of ourselves.
    Best wishes,

  2. An interesting thought! Aspects of (our) personality shared by a number of characters. One could as well maintain that eventually there was to be somebody who had to drive the truck out of the Village: I think we agree, to some point, that many or most things were arranged deliberately by the Village, such as No. 6's escape attempt in MHR. So, why not this seemingly chaotic breakdown of structures and order? Perhaps, only, they may have taken this into account after what happened in "Degree Absolute". We know, in the end when they reach 1 Buckingham Place, there's a small amount of doubt whether or not it's all over. The door hum's still the same as before. Admittedly, taking the final episode at face value it isn't evident that the Butler, not to mention the former No. 2, is still playing the Village game. But the shadow of a doubt remains. - BCNU!

  3. Hello Jana and Arno,
    Yes I agree, very interesting thoughts. The Butler is as part of us as Number 6 and Number 1, but subservient. Accepting, serving, unquestioning, but well informed. That's a new one on me!

    It is possible that everything that takes place in The Village is pre-arranged? Yes, someone did have to drive the lorry, and if not the Butler, who? Because the lorry was there, whether or not the former Number 6 and his confederates made use of it or not. But if it had not been for the presence of that lorry, how other might the four confederates have escaped The Village? They would have had to have followed the others evacuating the cavern up along the passageway and out into The Village. Perhaps then by helicopter, if they could have aqcuired one, the former Number 6 being able to fly a helicopter.

    When the Butler and his new master reach No.1 Buckingham Place there should be an element of relief, that they are home at last. But when the door to the house opens automatically, like in The Village, one realises that perhaps its not over, that its only just about to begin!

    Very kind regards