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Tuesday 9 December 2014

Quote For The Day

    “It’s our form of Siberia!”
                                {Potter – The Girl Who Was Death}
    It is generally speaking the case that we put people we know, or have met, made the acquaintance of, into our dreams and stories. Therefore it is quite reasonable for Number 6 to make Number 2 Professor Schnipps and Number 10 as The Girl, Schnipps daughter in his fairytale. And then there’s Potter, Mister X’s contact man. I’m not sure if Number 6 put Potter in his fairytale because he is Potter, or because he met the man previously on the day of his arrival in The Village, as the manager of the Labour Exchange? But of course fictionally speaking there’s nothing stopping the two from being the same character, and that includes his promotion to Number 2’s assistant during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben.’ Not that Number 2 needed an assistant, he seemed an able administrator, and after all he was only overseeing that Number 6 manages to escape The Village with Nadia. So Potter, working in The Village? Well why not, after all both the Colonel and Fotheringay were there as well!

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