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Tuesday 30 December 2014

Village Observation

    Having been given a second term of office after the failure to extract the reason behind the Prisoner’s resignation in ‘A B and C,’ Number 2 then missed out on a great opportunity not afforded to his predecessors. This to programme the General with all that research into Number 6’s life which Number 2 had carried out for ‘A B and C,’ and ask it why Number 6 resigned. Seeing as how there is no question the General cannot answer, given the basic facts. The General might come back with, Number 6 resigned because for a very long time…… No, that’s been done before.
    But of course this had all been done before, Number 6’s life had been researched and computed, and look what it boiled down to, the fact that he believed Number 6 was going to sell out! Whatever gave Number 2 reason to believe that?
    Perhaps it had occurred to Number 2 to ask the General why Number 6 resigned, remembering that Number 6 was not Number 2’s remit this time round. Besides which, Number 2 got it wrong last time in ‘A B & C,’ he certainly wouldn’t want anything to go wrong a second time.
    And yet had ‘The General’ appeared before that of ‘A B and C’ in the series as suggested by the library order of the series, then the General would have been destroyed before the advent of 'A B and C,’ completely ruling out the possibility of the above!

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