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Wednesday 24 December 2014

Quote For The Day

    “I think I’d like some tea.”
                                    {Number 2 – A Change of Mind}
   Generally speaking each episode of ‘the Prisoner’ has a theme running through them. Arrival, Chimes, MHR, and Checkmate – escape. A B and C – the quest for information. FFA –democratic elections, Schizoid – the question of personal identity, General – education. D of the D – death. Checkmate – chess. Hammer – paranoia and Jamming, Funeral – assassination. Change – Unmutualism and disharmony, Harmony – fantasy. Girl – a fairy tale, OUAT – the need for information, and finally Fall Out – a final manipulation of Number 6!
    And yet within ‘A Change of Mind,’ as well as Unmutualism and disharmony, tea also can be said to run through the episode. Suggestion is a powerful motivator, because as Number 6 demonstrates to Number 86 how to make a descent cup of tea, with Number 2 watching on the wall screen in his office, it makes him feel like some tea! Its no wonder Number 6 has hypnotic suggestion as one of his numerous skills!

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