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Thursday 18 December 2014

Bureau of Visual Records

    Busy Potter? It’s inexplicable isn’t it, that a man wearing suede shoes should need them polishing. A slight dusting I should have thought. But he’s earning good money, £5 for dusting over a pair of suede shoes. Mind you he’s got his work cut out with his next customer! Even more inexplicable is how does a man walking down a high street, get his shoes so muddy? Perhaps he’s just come off a building site, although it’s more probable that this is simply for comic effect. Either that or Potter’s nose is being rubbed in it!



  1. Hi David,
    maybe this customer is up to a longer deliberation with Potter and needs a reason to stay with him for a some time. Or it is some kind of punishment - I like your idea that Potter's nose might be rubbed in it.

    Best regards

    1. Hello Jana,
      That's good, had not thought of either of those. Poor old Potter. But then he did let the Colonel be blown to pieces at the wicket, under his nose. No wonder he eventuually ended up in The Village! Perhaps life there suited him more!

      Very best regards