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Sunday 7 December 2014

Fight Or Flight?

    There is a saying "He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day." And so it would seem, as Number 6 would rather desert The Village, as he does in ‘Fall Out,’ than take on the fight within as he has in the previous 16 episode ordeal. And yet at having written that Number 6 achieved that which he attempted to do in ‘Free For All,’ to generate a mass break out of The Village. This he achieved by the launching of the rocket, and causing the evacuation, and escaping The Village in the ensuing chaos!
    However the challenge is, not to break out and run away, but to stay and fight, to confront ones fears. Which Number 6 did, seeing as he confronted Number 1, and discovered that he has been his own worst enemy all the time! He then took the fight to them, with the aid of three confederates. Number 6 was perhaps not the destroyer of worlds, but the destroyer of a society! The Village is akin to the future seen in the novel ‘The Time Machine’ by H.G. Wells, in which the Eloi living on the face of the Earth were preyed upon by the Morlocks who live underground. It could be seen that the Villagers living in The Village, were preyed upon by the Delegates living beneath The Village. Like the Time Traveller who descended into the underworld of the Morlocks, and eventually destroyed them, so too the Prisoner, who was taken into the underworld of The Village, who eventually brought about the destruction of their world!
   We each have our own fears, Number 6 stood up to his, and eventually confronted that fear being Number 1. He took control of himself, and eventually brought down The Village from within, and then ran away, escaping The Village, to fight again another day. But what was there left to fight? Perhaps because he is still a PRISONER. But we think that only because that one word is seen on the screen in the final few moments of the final episode. Had that word not appeared, we would be of the opinion that Number 6 was finally free of The Village. And yet one need not return to The Village to be a prisoner. It need not mean ‘the Prisoner’ begins all over again, as in a vicious circle. The former Number 6 had previously returned to
London from The Village with the idea that he would go back to British Intelligence because he had questions he needed to find the answers to, and that his old colleagues were the ones who could help him. In that attempt he only found one answer to one question, that being the location of The Village. He still had other answers to find, and it is those questions which keep him PRISONER!

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