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Monday 8 December 2014

Thought For The Day

    In ‘A B and C’ a laboratory is hidden away somewhere in the woods. On one wet stormy night Number 6 is taken to this laboratory where a doctor-Number 14, and Number 2 were waiting to receive the subject. The idea, to get into Number 6’s dreams by the means of inception, and a new wonder drug the doctor had developed. More then that they would  manipulate Number 6's dreams in order to achieve Number 2’s own goal, which was to discover the reason behind the Prisoner’s resignation. He believed The Prisoner was going to sell out, he wanted to know what he had to sell, and to whom he was going to sell it. What had he to sell? Number 6 wasn't selling out, after having researched and computed the Prisoner’s whole life, Number 2 still got it wrong! He was simply going on holiday. Because after all that, the only thing that white envelope, which  Number 6 handed to Number 2 contained, were innocuous travel leaflets!
   So why have Number 6 taken to a laboratory hidden away in the woods, when there was the hospital at the doctor’s disposal? It would have been better, and more secure, for the doctor to have carried out her experiment on Number 6, in a room, or operating theatre at the hospital. If for some reason the experiment had gone badly wrong, there would have been a larger medical team on hand to assist Number 14. However at the same time, it would have made it far more difficult, if not impossible, for Number 6 to gain access to any such laboratory in the hospital {unlike the ease of access to the laboratory in the woods} he might very well have been seen by someone, possibly apprehended by hospital orderlies. It was a device which made it easy for Number 6, when after following Number 14 through the woods, he was able to infiltrate the laboratory via the air ventilation shaft, make his discovery of what had been taking place there, and dilute the third dose of the doctor’s drug. Thus being able to “turn the tables” on Number 2 by manipulating his own dream. 

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