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Friday 5 December 2014

Why Did You Resign?

    Not every Number 2 wants to know of course, and that might possibly indicate that the question was not altogether that important. Although the information contained in any such answer would be only to compete their file on Number 6! What does it matter why the Prisoner resigned, it don’t make no difference. The point of the matter is, a man in the Prisoner’s position would never be allowed to resign in the first place!
   The doctor-Number 40, he tried to get information from the Prisoner by subterfuge. By the use of drugs and Number 42. Only he didn’t seem to want details, only headings of files that he’d seen, the projects he had heard about. But perhaps that would have only been the start.
    At times it wasn’t a sustained interrogation of the Prisoner-Number 6. Arrival was the first attempt, Chimes again, most certainly ‘A B and C,’ ‘Free For All’ well there was the glimmer of making Number 6 talk at the end. ‘The Schizoid Man,’ that was another chance, and it might have worked had it not been for that bruised fingernail! But after that things sort of tailed off regarding Number 6. I suppose other things had to be done before there was A Change of Mind,’ because that when the interrogation of the Prisoner-Number 6 picked up again. And three more attempts to get Number 6 to talk followed, and yet the affair with ‘The Girl Who Was Death’ did appear to be scraping the bottom of the barrel. They should have cut that one out, and simply gone straight to the ultimate test of Degree Absolute. And we all know how that ended. Number 2 did get Number 6 to talk, only he didn’t say very much as to why he resigned, and wasn’t prepared to repeat even that. Number 2 had been told, and for all intents and purposes so had we!
   The Prisoner resigned for peace, for peace of mind. Because too many people know too much. Apparently in his former job he knew too much about Number 2! Number 2 does ask Number 6 to tell him again. But the moment has gone {the first time of watching ’Once Upon A Time’} equally for the television viewer as it has for Number 2.
   And then by the time of ‘Fall Out’ nothing seems to matter, except that the former Number 6 having vindicated the right of the individual to be individual! But then there was a falling out amongst friends, and I suppose that could be construed as a form of resignation. And where ‘the Prisoner’ really began, long before the Prisoner was seen driving along an empty runway, with dark clouds gathering over head, and to the sound of thunder.

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