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Tuesday 9 December 2014


    There are more holes in The Village than are dreamt!
    There is only one way to escape The Village, and that is through “Village death.” When someone who has been brought to The Village dies, he or she no longer exists there. As with Two who died by blowing himself up with a hand grenade, he disappeared. Yet others such as 455 who died in the explosion when the Solar Café blew up caused by a supposed gas leak. 1955 who committed suicide by cutting his own throat. 909 who was stabbed in the neck by 11-12, as well as M2 who was suffocated to Village death by her son 11-12, all of whom should have instantly disappeared like Two, yet were still visible in The Village after their death. Only 11-12 should still be visible in The Village after he committed suicide by hanging himself in the “Go-Inside” bar, as he only existed in The Village.

Breathe in….breathe out….Village life goes on.
Be seeing you

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