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Saturday 13 December 2014

The Therapy Zone

    It’s strange how after Number 6 reported to Number 2 that Rover had killed Number 6, an ambulance and medical dispatched to the scene, didn't report that Number 6 wasn't dead! Once they arrived it would have taken only a few minutes to prove that it was Curtis who was dead, and that Number 6 was still alive. But would it? How would the medical team know that it was not Number 6 who was dead? Because of any distinguishing marks on the body. Number 6 had a mole on his left wrist, the body of Number 6 didn’t have that mole! That would have, or should have, been reported to Number 2. So Number 6 was dead after all! Because it would have been on Number 6's medical record that during his conditioning the mole on 6's left wrist had been removed. That fact would have proved that the body was that of Number 6 and not Curtis.
   It’s just as well Curtis’ wife Susan was dead, otherwise she would have some embarrassing questions to ask, and they would be some explaining to do, as to Curtis’ death or disappearance. Of course they could have told Susan anything. He might have been killed somewhere behind the Iron or Bamboo curtains, considering the kind of work he did. Presumably he was a spy or espionage agent. However remembering that Curtis was seconded to The Village, which meant he was seconded from another department. That being the case, quite possibly there would still have been some embarrassing questions to answer.

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