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Saturday 27 December 2014

Village Life!

In An Emergency Patients Are Manhandled To The Hospital!
    It would appear that the Health and Welfare state of The Village is under extreme pressure, as medics and doctors are forced to improve the hospitals response times to patient waiting lists, as well as The Village ambulance service!
   First doctor “See, nine and a half minutes, that’s knocked seven minutes off the time it takes for an ambulance to get a patient to the hospital.”
    Second doctor “Yes, and it cuts out waiting time of the ambulance crews, who are stuck waiting to have their paperwork for a patient processed.”
    “Precisely, and reduces patient waiting time. We can get this patient into a bed straight away. But we need to see the patient within forty-two minutes. If we can achieve that we’ll have improved our patient times by seventy-three point six percent.”
    “Well I can see him now!”
    “Really? Well that’s improved our patient processing time by ninety-nine point four percent!”
    “It doesn’t seem right does it?”
    “What doesn’t seem right?”
    “Well its all about numbers, the patient hardly seems to matter these days!”
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