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Thursday 4 December 2014

The Therapy Zone

    The Therapy Zone is where I listen to music, either series of the Pris6ner, it all depends on what kind of mood I’m in. But when I listen to the soundtracks, I am always transported subconsciously to The Village. I sometimes take a ride in 147’s taxi, he likes to give people rides in his taxi, because he likes to drive. And seeing as it’s only the local service, we’re bound to end up back where we started.
    I don’t have a number. I am a numberless traveller in a foreign village. And that’s what makes me different. Although I’m told its not good to be different, best not to stand out from the crowd, the ordinary. There are Undercovers who would report anyone for being different as soon as look at them!

   But its alright, I can leave The Village anytime I like. All I have to do is to switch off the music, and The Village falls from my subconscious mind. Why can’t I switch off the music? Why are my arms restrained? Take this straightjacket off me someone, I shouldn’t be here! I am not a citizen of The Village, I want to go home!
    “Settle down Three-one-seven. Relax.”
    “Three-one-seven, who is this Three-one-seven?”
    “I am not………….”
    “Please spare me, I have heard it too many times.”
    “Then let me go home!”
    “But you are home Three -one-seven.”
    “Yes, home in The Village.”
    “I don’t belong here!”
    “Then why are you always here?”
    “I’m not, well only when I hear the music.”
   “Can you hear the music now?”
    “That is hardly surprising because you are Village. The Village is all around you. The Village is within you Three-one-seven!”
    “Yes. And the sooner you come to accept that, the better for………”
    “For you?!”
    “For you Three-one-seven. Now I suggest you go out into The Village, take the guided bus tour. Relax, have a beer or twelve in the ‘Go-Inside’ bar.”
    “You are a good man Two.”
    “I know, that’s why everyone loves me.”
    He remembered leaving the Clinic. He was walking along the street in the bright afternoon sunshine. He was in The Village, he saw the people happily going about their daily lives………….
    “Here watch out mate!” a voice suddenly called out.
    The warning came too late, he didn’t hear the horn, he didn’t see the double-decker
London transport bus, not until it was too late!
    “Three-one-seven, what have you been doing to yourself? Never mind, we’ll soon make you better!”

Be seeing you

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