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Sunday 14 December 2014

The Prisoner!

    And Number Six thinks he’s is a prisoner, confined in The Village! Well all I can say is he’s damned lucky! Oh I’ve seen him, confined in his cottage, pacing up and down like a caged tiger. Well if he thinks he’s confined, he should try this! This it true confinement alright, with no possibility of escape. All I can say is I want my mum!
    Oh they thought they were being clever those damned scientists and laboratory technicians. I was born in a
Petri dish as a piece of small membrane. I was transferred to a large tank of water as the experiment grew. Then they had the idea of putting me in Lava lamps like this, what for, people’s entertainment? Let me tell you life’s no fun in here. Its hot most of the time, and I’m perpetually moving, breaking up onto small globules and long streaks. There’s no rest, not unless someone turns this lamp thing off! Let me out of here......I am not a, well I don't know what I am, but if I can just break the glass of this container I'll do someone some actual bodily harm!


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