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Sunday 28 December 2014

KAR 120C

The Prisoner “What’s the number of that car?”
Mrs Butterworth “Terribly interesting.”
 “KAR one two zero C, what’s the engine number?”
 “Do tell.”
 “Four six one three four T Z.”
     Being mechanically minded and skilful with his hands it is then not surprising that the prisoner would turn his hand to building his own car, the Lotus Seven which of course is a ‘kit car.’ So its no wonder that the Prisoner knew every nut, bolt and cog, he built it with his own hands.
But more than that the Prisoner would have to know every nut, bolt and cog if the car was to be registered with the letter ‘C’ for 1965, as ‘kit cars’ are usually registered with a ‘Q’ instead of a letter for the year. For the Prisoner to have his Lotus Seven kit car registered as being brand new in the year of 1965 and so being registered with the later ‘C’ for that year, the Prisoner would have had to have proved that the car was in fact brand new right down to the last bolt, so the Prisoner would quite literally have to know every nut, bolt and cog!
    Strange how so mechanically minded as the Prisoner was, that he did not realise that by covering the grill with the registration plate, that this would in effect cut off much of the air which cooled the engine, thus creating the overheating problem in traffic! After all, the number plate could have been placed upon the yellow nose cone of the car.
    The grimaced look set upon the face of the Prisoner as he drives his Lotus Seven along that deserted highway in the opening sequences is because of the cold driving wind against his face, the small windscreen affording little protection in the openness of the car. Also the Prisoner is 6feet 2½ inches in height, this has the effect that the top of the windscreen is at eyelevel for the Prisoner, and thus the reason why he is seen leaning out of the car slightly as he drives along the road having just left Mrs Butterworth, on the way to his first of two calls.


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