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Sunday 7 December 2014

Caught On Camera!

Face Unknown!
   Strange how they made no attempt to hide this man's face. But I suppose it would be difficult to film this scene and hide the man's face at the same time. This man is definitely not Patrick McGoohan, and he's certainly not McGoohan's stunt double Frank Maher. What's more this man goes uncredited in this scene, and as far as I know his identity has remained unknown. It can only be imagined that he is on the team of stuntmen whom Frank Maher was co-ordinator. Just a matter the identity of the man in the pictures, although he is portraying Number 6, if he is alone with his apparatus in the woods, who pushed that punchbag towards the man on the high bar?



  1. Hi David
    This is very interesting – I’d say the 3rd picture definitely looks like FM, while the 2nd looks a bit like No.14 out of Hammer into Anvil. Perhaps he sneaked onto No’6’s apparatus for a quick workout prior to their Kosho contest. As for the 1st one – I haven’t a clue who he might be!
    I think No’6’s woodland gym looks like the jungle camp in “I’m a Celebrity……!”
    “I am not a number, get me out of here!”
    Ha. Ha!

    1. Hello Nadia,
      Yes I see what you mean about the face in the third picture looking like Frank, but I'm still not convinced. I'm sure that the man in the three pictures are one and the same person. And if the third picture is of Frank, why use two stuntmen in that scene, and not just the one?
      Mmmm Number 14 Basil Hoskins, yes he does look a little like him. He had better watch it if Number 6 catches him!

      Very best regards