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Thursday 4 December 2014

The Rocket!

    The Village Administration needed a rocket. Why the need for The Village to go ballistic is unknown. Perhaps they wished to make Number 6’s dream of being the first man on the Moon a reality! But certainly they would need a rocket scientist, and laboratory technicians versed in rocket science. And where better to look, than amongst the German scientists of World War II. If that was good enough for the Americans and Russians, it was good enough for The Village. And they found a right one in Professor Schinipps! After all if he was clever enough to construct a rocket inside a lighthouse, he could certainly build one in an underground silo beneath The Village.
   However the rocket was a rocket. The fact of the Blue Streak which appears blasting off out of the silo during the fall out is incidental, because its a missile, not a rocket, and is there to be suggestive, {perhaps the only piece of film they could find}. That was just for effect. Remember the rocket in which the former Number 6 confronted Number 1, was supposed to carry people. Hence the life support Orbit Tubes, 2, 48, presumably 6, and one in the Control Room aboard the rocket for Number 1. And the destination of the rocket? Who can say. A space station orbiting the Earth, the Moon, to infinity and beyond!
    But then why make Professor Schnipps Number 2? Well it was supposed to be a fairytale that Number 6 told the children. He could have made Schnipps look like anyone. So why not make Number 2 Professor Schnipps, and his assistant-Number 10 The Girl? While the real Professor Schnipps is somewhere beneath The Village working on his rocket in his laboratory. So perhaps not so much a fairytale after all!

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