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Thursday 18 December 2014

Quote For The Day

    “What about your foreign policy?”
    “No comment.”
    “Our exports will operate in every corner of the globe.”
                                      {Number 113 and Number 6 - Free For All}

    I didn’t realise the globe had corners. But never mind that. What’s all this about a foreign policy, what is The Village got to do with the outside world? The Village is a detention centre for malcontents, recalcitrant agents. Traitors, reactionists, anarchists. People are taken to The Village who have held a job of a secret nature, who have a certain kind of knowledge which is to be either protected or extracted. As far as the outside world is concerned, The Village doesn’t exist. So there can be no question of Village exports. Besides which The Village doesn’t actually produce anything. But then again certain technologies are developed in The Village, like wireless technology. Those loudspeakers are wireless. Mobile phones. There’s that electronic defence beam, the education process Speedlearn, and not for getting the membranic Village Guardian. They as technology, could be exported around the globe, to the highest bidder. But there’s the sneaking feeling that The Village imports more that it exports. Tinned food produce, sweets, all manner of household goods, cameras, records, and Cuckoo clocks.
    Foreign policy? The only foreign policy The Village has is that it’s on foreign soil. Remember the words of the new Number 2 as the old Number 2 was departing The Village in the helicopter “Give my regards to the Homeland.” Having dirty linen is one thing, but having it in ones own backyard is completely different! 

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  1. The Village's "foreign policy", "internal policy" - of course all this mentioned in the election campaign interview isn't anything else than the mocking of the media-inundated politician statements we all know perfectly well.

    However, "I didn’t realise the globe had corners." - David, you're hinting to what we once discussed as the "squaring the circle" issue in The Prisoner. The globe = round, the corners = rectangular. Thank you for this! - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      Yes you are perfectly right about "foreign and external policies" which are questioned by the press during the election. And if the member of the press cannot get the answer it wants from the potential politician, then it makes up its own!
      It always annoys me with politicians here in Britain when they are asked a question, especially with the leaders of the Conservatives, Labour, and Liberal Democrats. Invariably before they utter anything, they begin with the same words "Now let me be clear on this........... and then simply spout the party line!!!!

      That's right, "Squaring the circle," or "circling the square" as I like to see the aptitude test in 'Arrival.' I knew you would like that, and I expect Jana will appreciate it as well.

      Very best regards