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Tuesday 16 December 2014

The Colonel

    The Colonel and Fortheirngay are the first to be seconded to The Village in order to take part in debriefing the Prisoner Number 6 to extract the reason behind his resignation. However I should have thought the same Colonel and Fotheringay should have been the two who Number Six, having escaped The Village should have met. Although if he thought that, Number 6 might have had second thoughts!
    So then there’s the Colonel and Thorpe, Fotheringay replaced and a new Colonel. So why wasn’t this Colonel seconded to The Village in ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling,’ what happened to him? I can understand the first Colonel having been replaced, as he failed.  Instead a third Colonel is encountered, and he appears to be wearing a Guards tie, so he’s an ex-Army officer now working in British Intelligence, which would have been the origin of the first two Colonels. Like Number 2, the title remains the same, only the person holding that position or rank change! He carries out his orders unquestioningly, and so is ordered to The Village. How much he has been briefed about The Village is unknown, yet he is gratified to have been sent to The Village by the highest authority. Yet he has no idea why! Eventually it costs him his life. This Colonel would not be the only one to die in the field. There was Colonel Hawke-English, and the second genuine reason for the need for a new Colonel, who had been on the trail of ‘The Girl Who Was Death,’ killed, blown to bits by an exploding cricket ball at the wicket one run short of his century! What’s more Thorpe has been replaced by Potter, who should have been back-up for the Colonel, and had he been more alert to what was happening, instead of looking at The Girls legs, then he might have been able to save the Colonel’s life seeing as he was so keen to keep an eye on The Girl himself!
    So in one respect the Colonel is like Number 2, he is replaced from time to time, for whatever reason. Potter on the other hand {fictionally speaking} is rather unique. Unlike Fotheringay and Thorpe, Potter, at one time or other, is assistant to both the Colonel and Number 2. While {again fictionally speaking} Thorpe become Number 2!

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