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Thursday 18 December 2014


    I sometimes like to make note of the date of important events within ‘the Prisoner. Feb 10th, when Number 6 is drugged and abducted from his home. March 18th is another when the Prisoner arrives back in London having escaped The Village, and March 19th when he returns on his birthday. And so it was 47 years ago this month, round abour now, that the former Number 6 and his three confederates escaped The Village. One alighted the lorry transport to continue a journey of his own, while the three others returned to London. How do we know it was in December 1967? Because there is one piece of irrefutable proof that makes it no other month than that particular December. That piece of proof lies within London itself. Its not something that stands out, it isn’t at all obvious, in fact it took me some considerable time to notice it. It was while I was carrying out a four and a half year study into ‘the Prisoner’ series, otherwise the evidence would have gone unobserved. What is it? Well where would the fun be in that if I told you? I think I’ll leave you to discover that yourselves.
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  1. There are some adverts on hoardings around Trafalgar Square. I think one of them is for a KitKat. Presumably the adverts get changed periodically so if only we could discover which adverts were pasted up there around December 1967, we could match them up. Although this could tell us when it was filmed, which might not necessarily be when the story was meant to be set.
    Or is it the tides of the Thames?
    Maybe something to do with bus routes?
    Or something more concrete such as a subtle change in a building or road layout somewhere?

    Be seeing you

    1. Hello ZM72,
      Its not easy is it? I only discovered what it is by pure chance, and even then I had to do some research. A Kit-Kat advert on a billboard, hadn't spotted that! You see, there's always something missed!

      Very kind regards