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Sunday 28 December 2014

You’ve Never Understood Us Number Six……

We Never fail!
   Is that why the retiring Number 2 did so well for The Village, why he enjoyed a long and successful term of office. Being able to go away from The Village on leave, because he had had no truck with Number 6? Certainly the retiring Number 2 and Number 6 had never met previous to the events which took place during that episode of ‘It’s Your Funeral.’ You remember, Number 6 went to pay a call on Number 2
    “Number Six isn’t it?”
    “I want to see Number Two.”
    “I am Number Two.”
    Although Number 6 doesn’t wear a numbered badge, people in The Village know who Number 6 is. Well isn’t that generally the case in such a small village, everybody knows everyone else. Clearly Number 14 didn’t, the doctor in ‘A B and C,’ she had to ask him    
    “Six” the Prisoner replied.
    Ah but then 14 was feigning not know who Number 6 was.
    Number 2 is guilty of many things, and amongst them is making bold statements, like “The Observers do see and hear everything.” What just 7 of them in the Control Room? The retiring Number 2 told Number 6 that he’s never understood them, they never fail! Well if this Number 2 looked through the file on Number 2 in general, he would see that more often than not 2 rarely fails, but on occasion has to face failure which has proved to be costly for 2. Only two 2’s have ever been given a second chance, because in their case failure could not be fully laid at their door. Although it should, because ultimately Number 2 is in overall charge, and must carry the can for any such failure. But then had ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ and ‘Once Upon A Time’ run consecutively as both ‘The General’ and A B and C’ should have done, then Number 2 wouldn’t have left The Village to be brought back, as in the case of Leo McKern’s Number 2. With Colin Gordon’s 2, there is no indication that his 2 had been away from The Village. Once he confirmed in the opening sequence that he is the new Number 2, while in another he states quite clearly that he is Number 2, suggesting that he had not been away from The Village, but had followed on for a second term in office. The first failure of ‘A B and C’ might not be described as being directly  his fault, but that of Number 14 for her deception in not telling Number 2 that 6 had opened his eyes and had seen her. But indirectly he must have carried the can, taken the blame. And yet 2 was given a second chance. Perhaps Number 1 looked kindly on this Number 2, and thought it unlikely that he would fail a second time if not embroiled with Number 6. But then Number 6 involved himself with Speedlearn, the Professor, the General, and ultimately the downfall of Number 2. However if we consider that according to the library order of ‘the Prisoner’ ‘The General’ should have appeared before ‘A B and C’ and running consecutively. So that Number 2 having failed so deplorably with the educational experiment of Speedlearn, was to have been given a second term in office, this time to deal with Number 6. Was this deliberate on Number 1’s part in the affair? That in setting this failed Number 2, retribution for that failure would come in the shape of Number 6!

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