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Friday 19 December 2014

Thought For The Day

    “Who is Number One?” the Prisoner asked. In fact its amongst the very first questions he asked, “Who is Number One.” Number 2 told him that it doesn’t matter who Number One is, yet it seemed to matter to Number 6. And incidentally 6 was the only one to ask who Number 1 was. No-one else in The Village asks who Number 1 is. In fact no-one seems at all bothered about Number 1. In fact when Number 6 asked Number 8 who Number 1 is, she avoided the question, because in all probability the citizens are too bothered about Number 2, to be bothered about Number 1! After all Number 2 is Chairman of The Village, and to all intents and purposes to the average Village citizen, Number 2 is the boss. And besides which it doesn’t do to ask questions. As the villager who told Number 6“Don’t do that.”
   The only trouble with that is, Number 6 has an enquiring mind. He has questions, but whether or not he gets the answers in another matter. As a friend once wrote to me recently, curiosity killed the cat!

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