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Wednesday 31 December 2014

What’s My Next Assignment?

    The Colonel will give Fotheringay his orders when he returns to London, if the Colonel is able to return to London that is. It might be that the blame for the failure to extract the reason behind the Prisoner’s resignation, could be laid at the feet of the Colonel himself. And that might be a good enough reason to keep him in The Village.
    As for Fotheringay, I expect he’s signed the official secrets act and would know the penalty of talking about ‘The Village. He himself might have once found himself an inmate, and like a number of others, was allowed to leave. His next assignment, what might that be? Working for The Village perhaps, doing what? Fothringay might be a congenial, affable fellow, but he works for British Intelligence, and they can be a back stabbing devious bunch. Don’t forget he knew exactly what he had got himself into, and was a willing participant, who actively, and cold heartedly, betrayed an old colleague, friend even. And during the “Alternative” Chimes of Big Ben, Fotheringay even claimed to have gone to school with the Prisoner-Number 6! Fotheringay is no better than any of them, because he allowed himself to be corrupted by The Village.
    What happened to Fotheringay? Well perhaps he was too late to avoid those so called “embarrassing” questions. Certainly by ‘Many Happy Returns,’ both he and the Colonel had been replaced.

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