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Wednesday 31 December 2014

Thought For The Day

    Number 14 had a secret laboratory somewhere in the woods. Might it not have been a good idea for a secret laboratory to be located on the island in the estuary? That’s where I put one in my film ‘Village Day,’ not that it was any more secure than that in the woods. Number 6 still managed to get over to the island, despite the protection of the Guardian. I just thought that seeing as the island was a feature, it should be made use of.
   It was a pity about Number 14, coerced the way she was into using her new drug sooner than she wanted. It didn’t appear that she wanted to use Number 6 as a guinea pig. In fact at the end, 14 seemed quite pleased that Number 6 had won, she said he knew all the time, and that he was playing with Number 2. Mind you, if 14 had reported to Number 2 that 6 had opened his eyes while lying on that operating table and actually saw her……. Well things might have turned out differently. But as it happens Number 6 did lay a clue down for Number 2, when he told him that he had a favourite doctor, Number 14. Which Number 2 did pick up on, judging by the reaction on his face, but didn’t comment.

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  1. Hi David,
    This episode would have turned out quite different if Number 2 had put 24 hour surveillance on Number 6, because then he would have seen Number 6 follow Number 14 to the laboratory area!
    Then, if they had cameras in the lab..they would have known that he weakened the drug level in the third vial. If that was the only 3 vials of the drug in existence, then the experiment would have been over!

    Or, if there was more drug available, the village might have been able to use the full strength drug on Number 6 anyway...but this little success for Number 6 was a happy time for fans!


    1. Hello Karen,
      Precisely! I’m surprised that the Observers didn’t see Number 6 following Number 14 through The Village and into the woods. And of course if there had been surveillance in the laboratory then Number 6 wouldn’t have been able to get away with what he did. Finding the laboratory, realizing what they were doing to him, and reducing the strength of the third dose of the Drug. Mind you had Number 14 told Number 2 that Number 6 had opened his eyes while lying on the operating table, seeing Number 14, projecting her image on the wall screen. Or had Number 2 been paying more attention at the time, ‘A B and C’ would have turned out very differently in the end!
      Even if there was a further supply of the drug, which I presume there would have been, they would not have used a fourth dose of the drug on Number 6. Remember the doctor said three doses of the drug is the absolute limit, a fourth dose would kill him!

      Best regards
      Be seeing you