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Monday 29 December 2014

Colony Three – The Village!

    John Drake was once sent on assignment to Colony Three, a school for spies somewhere behind the Iron Curtain, perhaps on the very Russian Steppes. Since World War II 757 British defectors have gone out there. Oh M9 were able to keep tabs on the big ones, the diplomats and the professionals. But over 400 have disappeared without trace why did they want them? And why did they disappear? Drake was going to find out, he did find out! He managed to infiltrate Colony Three in the guise of Robert Fuller, a clerk.
   There were 86 students being trained up as spies in Colony Three, and before Drake had to be extracted from Colony Three by an agent working for M9 in SEKCJA 1 {Section 1}, he was able to take 59 photographs. But at least M9 will be able to nab those when they turn up on duty in Britain. As for those working in Colony Three, which looks like a typical  English town, and given the name of “Hamden” New Town, have ceased to exist!
    There is a theory that after Drake’s experience of Colony Three, he discovered that the British have their own such Village. A place to put troublemakers, people with individual thoughts, defectors, anarchists, recalcitrant agents, agents whom British Intelligence has no more use for, their nerve gone, or their cover blown. Those who once held a position of a secret nature, who has information which needs protecting or extracting, and people who have resigned their jobs, or were simply up for retirement where they could live out the rest of their lives protected, in relative comfort and safety.
   John Drake being upright with high moral standards, who shows great enthusiasm for his work, being utterly loyal, is this a man who suddenly walks out? No, Drake resigned having come to realise what would happen to him. Well they couldn’t lose a man of Drake’s calibre to the other side. His resignation had been accepted, adopted, and perverted, resulting in his abduction to The Village. The Prisoner having resigned knowing that his route would take him to The Village, his infiltration of this abomination of an internment camp complete, Drake could then bring it down from within.

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