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Tuesday 2 December 2014

The Prisoner Put On Trial!

    Number 6 finds a body washed up on the shore. In a pocket he finds a small transistor radio, the possession of which breaks the rules of The Village!
    The Prisoner is later put on trial. He asks what’s the charge, Number 2 tells him they’ll come to that later. Well that sounds rather Kafkaesque. But it turns out that the charge is the unlawful possession of a radio!
   When the Prisoner first arrived in The Village they stripped him of his identity, his name. Now put on trial in ‘Dance of the Dead’ they have now stripped him of even his number, and been reduced to being the Prisoner. And having been so he must no longer be referred to as Number 6 or indeed as any number whatsoever!
   But the trial is all a bit of a pantomime really, there is even a “principle boy”. There’s no intention of the death sentence to be carried out against Number 6, because Number 2 herself said that Number 6 has a future with them. But he’s not like the others, that other ways must be employed against Number 6. I shouldn’t think that the people of that screaming mob chasing the Prisoner through the Town Hall, knew that he had a future with them. So its just as well that they didn't catch up with him, otherwise they would have torn him limb from limb.

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  1. I love Dance of The Dead but my only criticism would be that the Villagers are like sheep (hence Bo Peep) which is unlike the rest of the series when many Villagers have an independent mind .Unless they've had 'treatment' at the hospital of course!

  2. Hello, I too enjoy 'Dance of the Dead,' in a way it reminds me of Edgar Allan Poe's 'Masque of the Read Death.' Yes the citizens are all sheep. I wouldn't describe No.6 as a sheep, more of a goat!