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Thursday 4 December 2014

Quote For The Day

   “What are you afraid of Six, a glimpse into your psyche, discovering you are the problem after all?”
                                   {Two – Arrival – Harmony}

    In the original series of ‘the Prisoner’ Number 6 was the problem, resisting, refusing to wear or respond to his number. Unwilling to settle down and join in. Always somehow managing to involve himself in the affairs of Number 2. It cannot be denied that Number 6 is the problem. Yet in THEPRIS6NER-09 series Six is not the problem, he is the solution! Six can deny The Village as much as he wants. He can attempt to escape, he can resist Two as much as he likes, even to the point of trying to kill Two. But the thing is Six is Village, if only because he worked for Summakor as an Observer. Watching people, different people. Writing reports about them, and sending those reports up to the Purpose Floor of the Summakor building. Like it or not, Michael Six is responsible for people being sent to The Village because of the reports he made about them. Six can never escape The Village because The Village is inside Six. And the solution is Six. All Two has to do is find a way to pass on The Village, to hand Summakor over to Michael, so that he can carry on the experiment, perhaps take The Village to the next level.
   During the Fall Out of ’the Prisoner’ Number 6, or should I say the former Number 6 just about destroyed The Village. Certainly he was the cause of its sudden evacuation. However at the end of THEPRIS6
NER Six is charged with creating a new Village, with the help of 313. To create a moral Village. Six thinks he can find a better way, and thinks he can do it, that he should try. Especially now that Michael is head of Summakor!

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