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Monday 22 December 2014

A Favourite Character

    Fotheringay, who can't wait to see his old friend and colleague, is that why he is happy go along with the Colonel? No! Fotheringay is happy to assist in the deception, but he is simply "window dressing" nothing more than that. Simply to add credibility to the situation the Prisoner finds himself in, having supposedly returned to the Colonel's office in London. If Fotheringay had not been there to greet him, the Prisoner may very well have smelled a rat! And yet he appeared genuinely happy about the prospect of seeing his old friend and colleague again. But might not that simply for us, the viewer? Yes Fotheringay is a likeable fellow, but it must be remembered that he cold heartedly deceived, betrayed even, his old friend and ex-colleague. A man, the Prisoner soon learned, was no longer to be trusted!

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