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Sunday 10 May 2015

Abduction To The Village!

   Perhaps it wasn’t the Prisoner’s resignation that brought about his abduction to The Village. After all he had been under close surveillance for quite a while. You will recall Number 2’s attributes, whose lot has been, in the past, to wield a not inconsiderable power. Nay he has had the ear of Statesmen, Kings and Princes of many lands. Governments have been swayed, polices have been defined and revolutions nipped in the bud at a word from him in the right place and at the propitious time. So not altogether then that one day he should wake up in The Village, a man so highly placed who those behind The Village could use, the fact that he had been chosen for The Village. Might not that be the case for ZM73? Might it not be then that ZM73 was recognised as a man of a different calibre. A man of steel, who is magnificently equipped to lead them, and that was enough to see him eventually adducted to wake up in The Village. That his abduction was not something brought about by his resignation, it might well have been planned and calculated for a while, otherwise why have ZM73 under such close surveillance? That was not brought about by any indiscretion on his part, seeing that he was loyal, and remained loyal even after his resignation from British Intelligence.

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