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Friday 29 May 2015

Opinion Poll!

   It may be wondered what that opinion poll was all about? It maybe considered that citizens in The Village were allowed public opinion. Perhaps, seeing as how Appreciation Day was approaching, that The Tally Ho was conducting an opinion poll about how successful the current Number 2 had been for the community at large. Certainly he had been perhaps the most industrious of all the Number 2’s to date, acting for the good of The Village as well as the community at large. It is realised that one Number 2 saw The Village as the future of world order, but that’s not the same as carrying out good works such as the electrification of the clocks. The new mural in the library, the new clock golf, together with the golf course, and the blue zone in the post. It may be wondered how the new Number 2 would rate in such a poll, his rating would be high in the minus column if what was to have taken place ever came to light.
    What think you the reader? Was there but one Number 2 who thought about The Village and its community? Certainly the majority of Number 2’s only seemed to have dealings with Number 6. To them it seems The Village and its community as a whole, was nothing more than a side issue. However as the viewer is looking in so to speak, we only see one aspect of Number 2 in his or her dealings with Number 6. We do not see the other side to Number 2’s administrative details, his or her day to day dealings with The Village and the community at large, which must also take up of a good deal Number 2’s time, as well as having to deal with Number 6. Which is one advantage Number 2, who had worked so tirelessly for The Village had, in not having to deal with Number 6 at the same time!
    So if you who are reading this had a voice in such an opinion Poll, about how successful Number 2 had been {taking into account that mostly we only see Number 2’s dealings with Number 6 and not The Village and community as a whole} which Number 2 do you think was the most successful, and why?

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