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Thursday 28 May 2015

Thought For The Day

    I wonder if it’s possible that during discussions regarding ‘the Prisoner,’ that it’s possible to come full circle, and return to the beginning? During ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ Number 2 put Number 6’s file back to the beginning, frustrated by the result, and seeing that they would have to begin all over again. And that chap, what’s his name, who presented Six Into One: The Prisoner file. He was supposed to have sussed the meaning of ‘the Prisoner, what it’s all about etc, etc. But in the end he had all the tapes erased, and set to begin again back at the beginning. Mind you he was far too clever for his own good, going off at a tangent, being led down blind alleys, so that he’d have to back up only to be led along the garden path again and again. What a complete waste of time Six Into One: The Prisoner file was, well that was my personal conclusion after watching it. I felt let down and deeply disappointed by the whole thing. I have it on video tape some place in my ‘Prisoner’ archive, I’ve never watched it.
    But enthusiasts for ‘the Prisoner’ have come on a step or three since Six Into One: The Prisoner File was screened way back in 1984. And I think enthusiasts understand the series better today than they probably did back in those days, even if there are still varying differences of opinion that divides those enthusiasts! As for going back to the beginning again, it could be suggested that the majority of enthusiasts have gone too far, in their deliberations and discussions to be able to say “File Number Six, section forty-two, sub-section one, paragraph one, back to the beginning!”

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