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Tuesday 19 May 2015

In The Village!

   It’s a rule that names are not used in The Village. Well names are rarely used, but only where there are certain relationships.
   Number 6 once wrote a fake letter to XO4, and signed it D6. So who is XO4 and D6? Number 6 could very well have made those two code names up, and yet they are in a similar vein as PR12 and ZM73, which we learn to be the Prisoners own code name in ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling.’ When confronted by PR12 who asks him for his name, Number 6 asks “Code or real?” To which PR12 replies “Code,” and Number 6 gives the names of Duval and Schmit, and his code name ZM73. So it seems that real names are scorned upon even in the outside world. But of course this is British Intelligence whose operatives delight themselves in the use of code names. And yet ZM73 clearly used Danvers real name, and not his code name. Unless of course Danvers name wasn’t his real name at all, but a code name!

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