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Monday 25 May 2015

The Time of The Prisoner’s Birth

     That was one piece of information that was missing from the Prisoner’s personal file, well that and the reason behind his resignation. But the omission of that time of his birth was quite deliberate. Number 2 thought that if the Prisoner gave away that one simple piece of information away, then the rest would follow. It didn’t!
   Four thirty-one am, nineteenth of March nineteen twenty-eight. I’ve nothing to say. Is that clear?”
    It’s not like the Prisoner to give any information away. However he may have assumed that they actually knew the time of his birth. After all having worked for British Intelligence he would have been conversant with interrogation techniques, and how to put up a resistance against them. So there was really no danger in giving them that one piece of information. Because other than that he had nothing else to say, nothing! And no more did he. Not until a quiet moment during the deliberations between Number 2 and Number is in ‘Once Upon A Time.’
   “I resigned for peace.”
   “For peace?”
   “For peace of mind, because too many people know too much, I know too much about you!”
   And that was that, Number 2 had been told, because Number 6 was in no mood to repeat himself. All that time of coercion, interrogation, trickery, and a number of extreme measures carried out against the Prisoner, and all they managed to extract were two short pieces of information, one of which they knew already!

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