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Sunday 3 May 2015

Bureau of Visual Records

    When Number 6 ensconces himself in his new inner sanctum of the Green Dome as the new Number 2 and Number 58 are hitting buttons on the control panel. In response a number of images appear on the wall screen, these may be considered to be a live feed from The Village surveillance system. Number 6 even gains visual knowledge of the Control Room. Bu then there is the image of the Prisoner on the day of his arrival in The Village. This cannot be a live feed, it has to be that at the press of a button Number 58 accessed the Bureau of Visual Records, which went completely unmentioned in the series until in ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ Number 2 asks his assistant Number 22.
    No.22 “Did you call?”
    No.2 “Yesss….send someone to the Bureau of Visual records, there’s a tape I want to review.”
    “At once, subject?”
    “Subject….warning of an assassination plot. Persons Number Six and my successor.”
    Had Number 58 pressed another couple of buttons, they might have got a flash of Number 1. But no, that would be expecting too much. But would it have been expecting too much for Number 1 to telephone the new Number 2 upon completion of the local election. But then Number 1 might very well have done, only it wouldn’t be Number 6 Number 1 would be talking to, it would be Number 58!

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  1. "as the new Number 6, Number 58 if hitting buttons on the control panel"

    What on earth does that mean?!