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Thursday 28 May 2015

More Village!

    Recently I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the 2009 series of THEPRIS6NER, 6 episodes which always leave me wanting more Village.  And during that screening there was little or nothing which took my attention to write about. Hardly surprising really judging by the amount I have written on the subject, and the number of the episodes which go to make up the series. So what is left? The pure enjoyment of sitting and watching THEPRIS6NER without having to think about it. In that lies escapism.
   I shall watch THEPRIS6
NER again later in the year, whether or not I shall watch the 1967-68 series of ‘the Prisoner’ I cannot say. I did think that I would watch the series in the library or production order, but I’m not sure. The passion I once had to watch ’the Prisoner’ twice a year, along with individual episodes in between, as I have in the past has deserted me. I don’t know why, I still enjoy writing about the series, and get quite animated when I find something in the series which I had not seen before, or when I arrive at a new idea, theory, or interpretation. Perhaps that is where the solution lies, that visual stimulation from watching ‘the Prisoner’ is something I no longer require, seeing as I busy myself writing about the series in some respect almost every day. And I am still a huge enthusiast of ‘the Prisoner,’ and some would have it that I am doing a good job of promoting The Prisoner’ through my blog. It’s just that I’ve arrived at a point where I no longer need to watch the series. It’s quite on the cards that the next time I watch ‘the Prisoner’ it will be for the 50th  anniversary. Whether via a television screening specially for the event, or video, or DVD.

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  1. That's an interesting remark, David. I for one have watched the series perhaps only one third of the times and it is only scarcely that I have the spare time of watching it in all the quietness it deserves. However, if I do it there's still some magic about it, about certain scenes, almost like in the days that I recall from my youth. Most notably the very first images from "Arrival", in the cafe, from "Dance of the Dead" or so. I also tend to skip or skirt around episodes like "The General" or "A. B. and C." which, to me, are the least satisfying ones, enjoyable more or less only when there's (intellectual, theorising) talk about certains aspects of the series. I'm sure, you don't have to SEE it over and over again in order to have a mental image of it. - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      There is indeed a good deal of superb scenes, and superb lines delivered by Two, and yes the series does require being watched quietly. While my old friend was here celebrating my birthday with me earlier in May, we watched the episode 'Darling,' and afterwards he said he thoroughly enjoyed watching it. And he was not just saying that, and also he had a number of questions to ask about THEPRIS6NER.
      The original series also retains its magic, and I quite agree with you when you write we do not have to SEE it over and over again in order to enjoy it. Yes, already there, in mental images in one's head.
      Like yourself Morag has a number of episodes she likes to skrit round, in fact there are a number of episodes in 'the Prisoner' which she would happily not bother to watch again!

      Very best regards