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Friday 8 May 2015

Caught On Camera!

    That man Number 14 is watching, is the waiter at the café, who telephoned Number 2 and informed on Number 14. He’s not a guardian, he’s certainly not burly enough to be one of Number 2’s “Bully boys.” He is an undercover, rather like Number 112 the new Shopkeeper who informed on Number 6’s activities in the General Stores to Number 2. In fact he couldn’t wait to do that, so quick off the mark and on the telephone the moment Number 6 left his emporium. The waiter was like that, watching and ear wigging what Number 6 was saying to Number 14. And the moment Number 6 left the café area he was at the nearby kiosk on the telephone to Number 2 and Number 6’s conversation with Number 14. The only trouble was the waiter misread the situation, as did Number 112 the Shopkeeper. He allowed himself to become a part of Number 6’s act of jamming! It’s all very well being an Observer, or Undercover operative, but its no good if they misread, or misinterpret situations. Look at the damage done to both Number 2 and 14. The one left mentally broken, the other possibly physically broken, if not terminally dead!

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