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Thursday 7 May 2015

Colonel Hawke-Englishe

    Why was he on the trail of the mad scientist? After all the Colonel wasn’t a field agent was he? Perhaps there was no-one else available at that time, and hence the need for Potter as back-up. Its just a pity Potter didn’t have his mind on the job, instead of his eyes on The Girl!
    Why was the scientist mad on destroying
London? The reason is never given in the episode, only in the original script. The mad scientist was originally to have been a German scientist who in destroying London with his rocket, was seeking revenge for the defeat of Germany at the end of WWII.
    So the scientist had a rocket, a German scientist possibly having worked with Von Braun on the V1 and V2 rockets during the war. He may also have known of the
Manhattan project, even worked on the project. A man with such genius would not find it difficult to build a rocket inside a lighthouse. After all a lighthouse is just a tube, the same as a rocket silo is but a tube, well not exactly the same. There are certain logistical problems within constructing a rocket inside a lighthouse. But of course Professor Schnipps did go one further, the lighthouse was the actual rocket!
    It may be wondered what kind of rocket it was. After all Schnipps had promised his daughter
Bond street. His men Chelsea Barracks, and the Scottish Marshall Wembley football stadium. So presumably the rocket was armed with a neutron warhead, one that kills people, but doesn’t destroy buildings. But as Schnipps described London as lying entirely in ruins, it may be supposed that there is no logic to an insane mind! And after all it was only a fairytale wasn’t it, a fairytale interpreted from pictures in The Village Story Book. 

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