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Friday 1 May 2015

Supervisors Report

    Being a Supervisor in the Control Room is a huge responsibility. On the odd occasion we get it wrong, but mostly us Supervisors and the Control Room staff are on the ball. True one such Supervisor did get Number 6's birthday wrong, but there was no such conspiracy as suspected by Number 2.
    Most of the work carried out in the Control Room is routine surveillance, even the two sat upon the metal see-saw device, helps keep their attention focused, so I'm informed.  There is the occasional 'yellow alert' or if things get a bit extreme, like when Number 6 is trying another escape attempt, then we go to 'orange alert.’ But there is no given situation that we cannot deal with, our efficiency is second to none. Once a pigeon was tracked by radar, and then we brought it down by use of the beam, and no harm came to that pigeon. Not one of its feathers was singed!
    Occasionally experiments are conducted from within the Control Room, like the time the doctor was trying to gain information from Number 6 through using Number 42 as a communications medium. Such experiments should be conducted in the hospital. A more relevant experiment was to do with the alarm system, Number 8 was helping another doctor that time, with what they called a reaction transmitter.
     However the occasional anomaly is thrown up, such as that time Number 2 suspected Number 6 of planting a bomb at the door of the Green Dome, a bomb housed in a blessed Cuckoo Clock for heavens sake! Well of course there wasn't any such bomb, as Bomb Disposal soon found out when the Cuckoo clock was dismantled, and for many here in The Village there was only one Cuckoo..... yes well mustn’t speak ill of the mentally sick and paranoid!
    'Visual Records' is where all the surveillance tapes are stored. There technicians and archivists who review the surveillance tapes, in case the observers have missed something. And then one day the report came through that we did, or I suppose it could have been an error...... I suppose it could!
    "What do you make of it? Number 2 asked sternly.
    I recall looking at the two images on the wall screen, I studied them carefully.
   "Surveillance stills from, I would have to check, but isn't that Number 8 walking behind Number 6, and there just behind his right shoulder" I found myself replying, and yet seeing nothing strange.
    "So?" said Number 2 from the comfort of his chair.
    "The surveillance photographs are from Checkmate" I replied with confidence.
    "Ordinarily you would be correct. But in this particular instance you are wrong!" said Number 2 rising out of his chair.
    I was stunned I can tell you!
    "So" said Number 2 drawing up close "where do you think the surveillance footage for these actual stills came from?"
    I thought for a moment, but had no idea, so I told him "I've no idea Number Two."
   "Then you will be as surprised as I was to discover that the actual surveillance footage, came from The Chimes of Big Ben!" Number 2 said with assured certainty.
   "The Chimes of Big Ben" I responded in startled confusion "but that's impossible, there must have been a mix up with the tapes!"
    "I am assured not" retorted Number 2 "bring Number Six in for questioning, and that blessed Number 8 I want to know what the game is!" barked Number 2.
    "Game Number Two?" I questioned.
    "Yes, they've concocted something up between them, probably something to do with those blessed Jammers!" stormed Number 2 back in the comfort and security of his chair.
    "Perhaps time travel is in it as well!" I quipped in return.
    "Oh don't be stupid! Get out and have numbers 6 and 8 brought in for questioning."
    "Yes Number Two, at once."
    Well we never did find out what the anomaly was, perhaps it was a simple mix up of the tapes by the technicians in visual records, though they never owned up to it if it was. Who knows, perhaps time travel is in it as well, as Number 6 himself once suggested!

    {You could always review the surveillance footage yourself. The section in question takes place in 'The Chimes of Big Ben,' soon after Number 6 has placed the loudspeaker in the refrigerator}

Be seeing you

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