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Thursday 7 May 2015

Inside The Machine!

    It may be wondered why it is that the Ball for the Carnival was held in the Town Hall, when other organised entertainment is held in the Recreation Hall? Well it might be supposed that that would afford Number 6 the opportunity for him to discover the body of the dead man he found on the beach, to find the body a second time. But this time in a drawer in the mortuary of the Town Hall, which should really have been in the hospital. But I suppose they couldn’t hold the Ball in the hospital.
    Anyway it afforded Number 6 the opportunity to go poking his nose in where it wasn’t wanted. And so in order to make a foray into the depths of The Town Hall he adopted the disguise of a doctor. Reads more like he should be in the Hospital again! Going along a corridor only one door was left unlocked, setting aside the door from which a woman in a white coat appeared and gave the termination order to him. It was actually a pair of doors which opened automatically for Number 6, and passing through he entered a room with tables and green shaded desk lamps more akin to a library. There were also a number of filing cabinets. Number 6 arrived at another door, less complicated, seeing as the key to the door was hanging from a nail on a length of string. Number 6 took the key, unlocked the door, and as he stepped into the mortuary the overhead lights came on automatically. This is where Number 2 found Number 6.
    It might be wondered how it was that Number 2 found Number 6 so easily. It might be due to surveillance, because one couldn’t allow Number 6 the opportunity to roam the halls of the Town Hall at large. But then again all but one door was open to Number 6, all the other doors being securely locked. So perhaps it was surmised by Number 2, that Number 6 would be found in the mortuary, that being only the second door available to him. It might also me surmised that Number 2 wanted Number 6 to find the mortuary, and the body lying in the drawer, seeing as the only two doors available led him to the mortuary. After all Number 2 was not slow off the mark to inform Number 6 of her plan for the cadaver. That the wallet in the dead man’s pocket had been amended slightly, that the dead man would be amended slightly. Number 2 wanted him to know that his plan to get a message to someone, anyone in the outside World had failed. Number 6 had planned to use the dead man in the same way one would send a message in a bottle.
   There was never any danger of Number 6 poking his nose into the intricacies of the Town Hall. Well not until he reached inside that elaborately decorated and furnished room, where he attempted an act of sabotage against the teleprinter. But perhaps that was also allowed, seeing as the pair of doors, previously secured against him, now opened automatically for him, allowing Number 6 to enter the room. And once again he resorted to good old fashioned brute force, ripping out the wiring and paper. Seeing as the machine had a back-up system, it seems that he can never win. But this had to be demonstrated to Number 6, and so the reason for admitting Number 6 to that inner sanctum of Number 2’s room.

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